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In the spring President Filby alerted you to upcoming changes regarding the Tree of Life textbook service we have used for the past few years. As summer quickly disappears and you prepare for upcoming courses, I thought it would be a good reminder to communicate this change once again.

Quick Facts:

  • Visit Tree of Life Web Portal to update your textbook preferences, view ISBN numbers, check transaction history, opt-out of the program, set preferred shipping address, and more.


  • You may have already received email communication from Tree of Life with details about the new textbook rental system called Textbook Butler.  Please pay attention to the provided information. Their correspondence contains details related to our textbook program which you will need to follow.
  • Students in our traditional undergraduate program, UTEP, and School of Education Masters/Endorsement courses will automatically be enrolled in the textbook rental program. Charges for textbooks and shipping costs are now applied to your student account. You will have the options to rent textbooks (which is the default preference in the Textbook Butler web portal system), purchase new from Tree of Life, or opt out of the program completely through the Tree of Life web portal. If you opt-out, you will need to purchase books through your own means.
  • Greenville College’s MBA/MSM programs and Degree Completion programs (Organizational Leadership, Health Psychology, Criminal Justice and Business Administration) programs are not participating in the Textbook Butler rental program. These programs secure textbooks using alternate systems.
  • If you take courses on campus, books will be delivered to your dorm room, or to the mailroom if you are a commuter student. If you are in UTEP, or one of our School of Education Masters/endorsement courses, you will have books shipped to your home address. Shipping fees will apply.  
  • Emails sent by Tree of Life will outline the necessary steps to choose your preferences.
  • We have created an FAQ document on our Campus Services support site to address the specific questions pertaining to the program. Greenville College will also provide necessary support to help answer your questions, and work with Tree of Life to resolve any problems.



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